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Gina Koenig
Property Manager

Sam Szeto
IT/MIS Manager

Molly Jolie-Pitt
Director of Marketing

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Conquest and The Environment
At Conquest, we feel that there is no more important cause than to protect the environment.  We have worked very hard to integrate environmentally friendly products and green practices into our building operations.  From promoting energy conservation in our properties to recycling, we are committed today to positively improving the environment.


Below is a list of specific actions we have taken to minimize our environmental impact, and contribute to a healthier city and a healthier planet:

-All of our buildings are equipped with Low-Flow toilets, faucets, showerheads, dishwashers, and washing machines to regulate water usage

-All kitchens in our buildings are equipped with Energy Star rated appliances to regulate power consumption

***(Low-Flow and Energy Star products are energy-efficient products for the home that are approved by the United Stated Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency)

-We have incorporated drip and precision irrigation sprinklers into our landscaping systems to promote efficient water usage

-Several of our properties have rooftop solar panels for pool heating

-We use ticking timer light switches in all common areas to ensure that electricity is not wasted.

-Recycle drop boxes at all buildings allowing students to recycle their old cell phones and empty printer inkjet cartridges

-All painting projects are done with low-emission paint materials

-In our office, we PDF every single lease and make it available for viewing online rather than printing copies for each student and wasting paper

-None of our tax returns are printed to paper, all are e-filed

-We use PDF scanning and paperless faxing to save paper

-We use a paperless document management system, which results in most documents never being printed

-We shred and recycle all paper in our office and it's recycled into mulch

-We have replaced 100% of the computer displays in our office to energy-efficient, low radiation, LCDs

-All of the lighting in our office is on motion sensors which turn off automatically when there is no activity

Conquest and the Community
At Conquest, we encourage volunteerism and participation in organizations that are important to our team members.  As such, Conquest provides fully paid days off for community service to all team members.

Conquest: Team Member Benefits
At Conquest, we pride ourselves on providing full benefits packages to each of our valued team members.  EVERY SINGLE Conquest team member receives the following benefits:

            -Full Medical Coverage
            -Matching 401k/Retirement Plan
            -Paid Vacation and Holidays
            -Education Reimbursement
            -Non-Smoking Incentives
            -Employee loan programs (interest free)

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