Important Telephone Numbers & Links

USC Main Line: (213) 740-2311
Campus Cruiser: (213) 740-4911
SC Health Center:  (213) 740-2778 
DPS: (213) 740-4321
USC Dental School: (888) 872-3368
Maid Service (310) 280-0300

Academic Resources

University of Southern California Pertusati Bookstore
L:  840 Childs Way
T:  (213) 740-5200
W: The University’s Bookstore.

Reserve a study room at    Leavey Library
T:  (213) 740-6938

Map of the University Park Campus 

The Daily Trojan Newspaper


College Books Direct
AKA Book


Spring Semester 2009 (73 instructional days)


Open Registration


January 8-9


Classes Begin


January 12


Martin Luther King's Birthday


January 19


President's Day


February 16


Academic Honors Convocation


March 10


Spring Recess


March 16-21


Classes End


May 1


Study Days


May 2-5




May 6-13 (6 days)




May 15

Summer Semester 2009 (57 instructional days)




May 18-19


Classes Begin


May 20


Memorial Day


May 25


Independence Day


July 3


Classes End


August 11


Fall Semester 2009 (72 instructional days)


Open Registration


August 17-21




August 19


Classes Begin


August 24


Labor Day


September 7




November 26-28


Classes End


December 4


Study Days


December 5-8




December 9-16 (6 days)


Winter Recess


December 17-January 10 (25 days)

Spring Semester 2010 (73 instructional days)


Open Registration


January 7-8


Classes Begin


January 11


Martin Luther King's Birthday


January 18


President's Day


February 15


Academic Honors Convocation


March 9


Spring Recess


March 15-20


Classes End


April 30


Study Days


May 1-4




May 5-12 (6 days)




May 14

Summer Semester 2010 (58 instructional days)




May 17-18


Classes Begin


May 19


Memorial Day


May 31


Independence Day


July 5


Classes End


August 10

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Airlines & Online Travel Sites (Vegas, Baby, Vegas)

Los Angeles International Airport  (LAX)
L:   1 World Way , Los Angeles , California , 90045
T:   (310) 646-5252

Burbank Airport (BUR)
L:   2627 North Hollywood Way, Burbank , California , 91505
T:   (818) 840-8840

Express Shuttle
T:   (800) 733-8267

Super Shuttle
T:   (800) 258-3826

Prime Time Shuttle
T:   (800) 733-8267

Amtrack (Train) - Union Station
L:   800 North Alameda Street

T:   (800) 872-7245

Metropolitan Transportation Authority
MTA Bus-lines and light rail
T:   (800) 266-6833 

Greyhound Bus Lines
L:   1716 East 17th Street

T:   (213) 629-8401

Los Angeles Department of Transportation
DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle)
T:   (213) 808-2273


(888) 656-4546

(888) 709-5983

(800) 397-3342

(800) 538-2583

South West
(800) I-FLY-SWA
(800) 435-9792

(online only)

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Car Rentals (for your parents when they come visit)

L:  1944 South Figueroa
T:  (213) 746-6654   

(800) 654-3131  (New Reservation)
(800) 654-4174 (Extending a Current Rental)


(800) 230-4898

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TAXI and CAB Services

United Checker Cab Company
(310) 834-1121
(310) 715-1968
Areas served:
E and LAX
view map
United Independent Taxi
(Los Angeles & Beverly Hills)
(213) 483-7660 or
(310) 821-1000 or
(800) 411-0303
(213) 483-7669,
Ext. 3029
Areas served:
B, C, D and LAX
view map
Independent Taxi
(323) 666-0050 or
(800) 521-8294
(323) 666-0050
Areas served:
B, C, D and LAX
view map
Yellow Cab
(213) 808-1000 or
(800) 200-1085
(310) 715-1968
Areas served:
B, C, D and LAX
view map
Bell Cab
(Los Angeles)
(888) 235-5222 or
(800) 666-6664
(800) 830-0551
Areas served:
B, C, D and LAX
view map
Beverly Hills Cab Company
(Los Angeles & Beverly Hills)
(800) 273-6611
(310) 837-0260
Areas served:
B, C and LAX
view map
Checker Cab
(Los Angeles & West Hollywood)
(800) 300-5007
(310) 330-3720
Areas served:
B, C, D and LAX
view map
City Cab
(818) 252-1600 or
(800) 750-4400
(818) 252-1670
Areas served:
A, C and LAX
view map

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Wells Fargo (Two Locations)

  • 3333 South Hoover Street     
  • 2703 South Figueroa Street  

Bank of America (Four Locations)

840 Childs Way

985 West Jefferson Blvd

2703 South Figueroa Street

3014 Figueroa Street

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On Campus Dining

Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

L:  839 Childs Way
T:  (213) 740
H:  Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm
W: This tri-level facility in center of campus features a full service restaurant, Upstairs Café, as well as Wolfgang Puck's, Carl's Jr., La Salsa, Rice Bowl, Seattle's Best Coffee, Columbo Yogurt, and the Betty Crocker Café.

Café 84
L:  King Olympic Hall, 1025 West 34th Street
T:  (213) 740-9579
H:  Monday – Thursday, 7am – 11pm
     Friday, 7am – 8pm
     Saturday, 11am – 8pm
     Sunday, 11am – 11pm
W: This cafeteria serves Asian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme Donuts are also available.

Faculty Center
L:  645 West Exposition Boulevard
T:  (213) 740 2030
H:  Lunch: Monday – Friday, 11:30am – 2pm
     Dinner: Monday – Thursday, 5pm – 7pm
W: This full-service restaurant for members and guests serves excellent food in a congenial setting. A daily menu is posted on the Faculty Center 's Web site.

Galen Center
L:  Heritage Hall, 3501 Watt Way
T:  (213) 740-0704
H:  Monday – Friday, 11am – 2pm
W: This athletics-themed facility features a salad bar, gourmet pizza, and sandwiches. Carson Palmer used to be seen here, along with other football, basketball, and volleyball players.  Plus you can get the info on all Trojan sports by surfing the web on the computers at the tables.

Parkside Dining Hall
L:  Parkside International Residential College, 3771 McClintock Avenue
T:  (213) 821-5859
H:  Monday – Friday, 11am– 8pm
W: A new addition to the campus, the Parkside (aka Darkside) Dining Hall offers all-you-can-eat international cuisine for a fixed price.

Popovich Cyber Café
L:  Popovich Hall,  611 Exposition Boulevard
T:  (213) 821-1166
H:  Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 8:30pm
     Friday, 7:30am – 3pm
W: This dining facility offers Internet access.

Trojan Grounds
L:  Birnkrant Residence Hall, 642 West 34th Street
T:  (213) 740-7848
H:  Sunday – Thursday, 8am – Midnight
     Friday – Saturday, 8am – 11:00pm
W: This coffee shop on the Northeast side of campus features Starbucks coffee, cold sandwiches, and quick snacks. Great place to power up on some caffeine before knocking out an essay or cramming for exams.

Shop Café
L:  Harris Hall, 823-29 Exposition Boulevard
T:  (213) 740-5988
H:  Monday – Thursday, 7am – 6pm
     Friday, 8am – 4pm
W: This café serves hot breakfast and lunch entrees, as well as salads and snacks.

Brandy's Restaurant at the Radisson Hotel
L:  3540 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 748-4141
H:  Lunch: Monday – Friday, 11:30am to 2:00pm
     Dinner: Nightly, 4pm – 10pm
W: Located across from the campus, north of Exposition Boulevard, this casually elegant setting offers wonderful service and excellent food.

Expo Café at the Radisson Hotel
L:  3540 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 748-4141
H:  Daily, 6:30am. – 4:00pm
W: A fairly new joint close to campus. Discretionary is accepted here.

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Bars in the SC Area

Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

THE 9-0  (901 Club)
L:  Intersection of Figueroa and 30th Street (901 South Figueroa)
T:  Why would you ever call this place?
W: People love to complain about it.  But don’t worry, you’ll still see them there week after week. It is lots of fun after a game, or any Thursday night.

Traditions (Pronounced Trad-eees )
L:  Basement of Student Union building (near La Salsa)
T:  (213) 740-1018
W: It is a great place to watch an away football game, or even a home game if you’re too lazy or  drunk to make it to the Coliseum. 
***You can charge beer to your USC discretionary account (dis-cresh). But have a good ID before you go*****

The 2-9 (29th Street Café )
L:  2829 S. Hoover Ave (across the street from the Row)
T:  (213) 746-2929
H:  Monday – Friday   11am - Midnight
     Saturday 11am – 11pm
     Sunday 10am – 5pm
W: Some decent food and a great atmosphere. 

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Restaurants in the SC Area

La Barca  (make reservations, especially Tuesdays)
L:  2415 Vermont
T:  (213) 735-6567
W: Try the chicken enchiladas or the El Colloso. The Strawberry Margaritas are fantastic, and they are just two bucks every night until 7p.m.  Margaritas are two bucks all night on Tuesdays hence the name “Two Dollar Tuesdays”.

Upstairs Commons Cafe at USC
L:  830 W. 36th Place
T:  (213) 740-1045
W: You can have a great meal, some beers, six glasses of wine and still charge it all to your SC discresh account.

El Cholo 
L:  1121 South Western Avenue
T:  (213) 734-2773
W: A Mexican legend in Los Angeles.  It has great food and always lots of people.  Mr. Cholo started the restaurant while the dinosaurs were still roaming the earth. 

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Food Delivery in the SC Area
Bistango Café (free delivery)                             
L:  3017 Figueroa
T:  (213) 745-8050
W: Good delivery, the chicken club sandwich is surprisingly good.

Domino's Pizza
(free delivery)
L:  28th Street Shopping Center (Next to Greek Escape)
T:  (213) 746-9999
W: Everybody loves Dominos, and you can order online by clicking below.

PAPA John’s Pizza (free delivery)
L:  2222 Hoover Street
T:  (213) 743-5999
W: Good pizza at a very reasonable price.
Order Online

Pasta Roma (free delivery)
L:  2827 Figueroa 
T:  (213) 742-0303
W: Italian food, delivered. Try the Penne Pollo Vodka.

Pizza Hut (free delivery)
L:  1107 W Adams Blvd
T:  (213) 746-2900
W: It’s good and greasy.

Royal Express Chinese Food (free delivery)
L:  2526 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-6903
W: It’s cheap and they’ll deliver when you are too lazy to go to Panda.

Thai Oak BBQ (free delivery)
L:  1924 West Olympic
T:  (213) 386-0050
W: Thai-Chinese food delivered, $10 minimum, open until 10 p.m.  Try the Pad Thai or Salmon.

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Fast Food in the SC Area  

Burger King
L:  University Village, 911 W Jefferson Blvd
T:  (213) 747-1880
W: The Whopper.

Carl's Jr.
L:  2912 Figueroa
T:  (213) 747-5801
W: The six-dollar-burger and low-carb stuff too.

L:  3000 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-3944 
W: For many generations it has been a late night favorite for drunk Trojans. Make sure that  they don’t give you any “alley bunny”.  Please avoid eating here more than once a week.

Located at Conquest Housing's Tuscany
L:  3748 South Figueroa Street
W:  Finally some great Mexican food is available in the USC area that is not only good when you are drunk BUT ALSO when you are sober.  Stop by the new Chipotle at Tuscany and enjoy.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Located at Conquest Housing's Tuscany
L:  3726 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 745-4963
W:  The famous Iced Blended has arrived in the USC community.  Stop by the new Coffee Bean on the ground floor of Tuscany for coffee, tea, and other great snacks!  Extreme Iced Blended for Alan and Ultimate Iced Blended for Casey.

Coldstone Creamery
Located at Conquest Housing's Tuscany
L:  3730 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-2744
W:  Ice cream for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, and a sensible cake for dinner?  Who says you can't eat this amazing ice cream for all three meals?  Stop by, grab an ice cream, and chill out by the fire pit in the Tuscany courtyard. 

Del Taco                                                                               
L:  On corner of 28th Street and Figueroa (Across the street from the Greek Escape)
T:  n/a
W: Open really late, and it’s better when you’re drunk.

L:  821 W Jefferson Blvd in the University Village
T:  (213) 748-8458
W: Decent cheap food and its open really late.

El Pollo Loco
L:  2904 South Figueroa (Near the 9-0 on the Chano’s side of Fig)
T:  (213) 746-4232
W: Good burritos, but everything tastes like chicken.

Eat Street Grill
L: 3031 Figueroa Street
T: (213) 745-4188
W: Some of the best breakfast food in the area right next to the Vagabond Inn. Be sure to try the breakfast quesadilla.

L:  3026 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-0101
W: True to it’s name, fat fries and burgers.

Jack in the Box
L:  2921 Figueroa 
T:  n/a
W: aka Jack in the Crack.

L:  28th Street Shopping Center (Next to Domino’s)
T:  (213) 748-5632
W: Fried Chicken, it’s goooood.

Panda Express
L:  2828 Figueroa
T:  (213) 746-0392
W: Good Chinese food, and it’s safe to eat, which is more than you can say for most Chinese places around campus.

Pete's Burgers
L:  2400 S. Hoover St.
T:  (213) 748-3206
W: Solid local burger joint.

Popeye's Chicken

L:  2532 S Figueroa
T:  (213) 745-8820
W: More Southern than KFC.

Located at Conquest Housing's Tuscany
L:  3738 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 749-1882
W: Hot Sandwiches at the new Tuscany location.  The fat-kid-style alternative to Subway. Guacamole for Casey, and no tomatoes for Dion.

Red Dragon
L:  3013 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 742-1789
W: To know the dragon is to be a true Chinese Trojan warrior.

Located at TUSCANY
L:  3742 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-0424
W: Fruit smoothies and healthy eats on the ground floor of Tuscany. 

University Village Shopping Center
L:  975 West Jefferson Blvd
T:  (213) 748-1021
Local Store Web Page

28th Street Shopping
L:  2805 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 745-4868
Local Store Web Page

Taco Bell
L:  3629 South Vermont
T:  (213) 737-4717
W: Chalupas and Chihuahuas.

Togo's Sandwiches
L:  3619 South Vermont
T:  (213) 730-2900
W: Good sandwiches. They don’t skimp on the Avocado.

The Original Tommy’s
- Don’t even think of asking them to "hold the chili", they won’t. Bring the pepto and some cash, cuz they don’t take plastic.

L1:  2575 West Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
T1:  (213) 389-9060

L2:  1900 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica
T2:  (310) 392-4820

L:  3019 South Hoover
T:  (213) 746-8072
W: They have surprisingly good Salads; mandarin chicken, cobb, as well as potatoes.

L1: 977 Jefferson Blvd.
T1: (213) 748-2490
W: The McDonald’s of Chinese food. Close to campus, but filled with Locals.

L2: 3021 S. Figueroa St.
T2: (213) 749-3911
W2: The McDonald’s of Chinese food, but split between locals and students.

La Taquiza (la casa de las mulitas)
L: 3009 Figueroa @ 30th street mall
T: (213) 741-9795
W: Very good and Authentic Mexican food in the 30th street mall. Try the shrimp burritos, it might sound like a miracle, but you won’t get sick.

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Westside Establishments
L1:  9245 W. Venice Blvd.
L2:  7009 Sunset Blvd.
L3:  922 Gayley Ave
T:    n/a
W:  If you don’t know about this West Coast burger chain, you better ask somebody.

Pink’s Hot Dogs
L:  709 North La Brea Ave
T:  (323) 931-7594
H:  Monday-Frid
ay 9:30am-2am
     Friday-Saturday 9:30am-3am
W: Best Hot Dogs in LA. It is for ages 3 and up, only.

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Downtown Restaurants

Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

Bonaventure Brewing Co.
L:  404 South Figueroa Street, Suite 418A   
T:  (213) 236-0802
W: The Bonavent
ure Brewing Co. is located high above the city streets on the pool deck level of the world famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

Café Pinot
L:  700 West Fifth Street
T:  (213) 239-6500
W: Who can resist the Cal/French Bistro fare at Joachim Splichal’s Pinots?  This particular branch is enclosed in glass, providing views of downtown high-rises.  A free shuttle service to the Music Center.

California Crisp

L:  Seventh Market Place, 735 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 623-4895
W: Healthy food at fair prices. What more could you ask for from a sprout sandwich.

California Pizza Kitchen ("CPK")

L:  735 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 228-8500
W: Popular Trojan hotspot. You’ll bump into people you know on Sunday.  Park in the lot around the corner on Wilshire.

Checkers Downtown
(Restaurant & Hotel)
L:  535 South Grand Avenue
T:  (213) 891-0519
W: Great Downtown Hotel.

Ciao Trattoria
L:  815 West Seventh Street
T:  (213) 624-2244
W: "The food is so good you`ll overeat, but you`ll have a smile on your face."               - ZAGAT  

L: 617 S. Olive St. (bet. 6th & 7th Sts.), Los Angeles, CA 90014
T: (213) 488-9488

W: Described by some as Downtown’s finest Italian restaurant, this is truly an amazing dining experience when you feel like splurging a bit. Great for a romantic date or a night out to dinner when Mom and Dad are visiting. A complimentary shuttle to the Music Center is available on most nights.

L:  445 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 486-5171
W: Great restaurant downtown, but moderately expensive.

Empress Pavilion
L:  988 North Hill Street, Suite 201
T:  (213) 617-9898
H:  Monday - Friday, 9am-3 p.m. for dim sum and lunch, and for dinner until 10pm.    Saturday through Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and for dinner until 10pm. 
W:  Best dim-sum in Los Angeles.

Engine Co. No. 28
L:  644 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 624-6996
W: Upscale American Cuisine in a classy joint.

Epicenter Restaurant and Lounge
L:  200 South Hill Street (at the Kawada Hotel)
T:  (213) 621-4455
W: Continental Cuisine.

Fox Skybox Restaurant & Bar

L:  1111 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 742-7345
W: Great place to watch a Lakers or Kings game and snack on Nachos.

LA Bella Cucina
L:  949 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 623-0014
: Fabulous pizzas and homemade pastas, with the accent on northern and rural Italian cuisine.

L.A. Prime

L:  35th floor of Bonaventure Hotel, take the red elevator, 404 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 624-1000
W: Nice steakhouse with unbelievable views of downtown and Los Angeles.  It’s on the 35th floor!  Check out the BonaVista lounge on the 34th floor while you are there.

McCormick & Schmick's

L:  633 West Fifth Street, 4th Floor (First Interstate World Center)
T:  (213) 629-1929
W: Great Happy Hours. It's mostly a Seafood restaurant. 

Morton's Steakhouse
L:  735 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 553-4566
W: Amazing food, but it ain’t cheap. Another place for the folks to take you.


L:  Omni Hotel, 251 South Olive Street
T:  (213) 356-4100
W: Great Vegetarian Dishes; Progressive American with Japanese Aesthetics Cuisine.

Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse
L:  330 South Hope Street
T:  (213) 680-0330
W: Elegant, thoroughly modern, dining room defies traditional steakhouse décor.

Pacific Dining Car

L:  1310 West Sixth Street (near the Medici in the hood)
T:  (213) 483-6000
W: Overpriced “gourmet American”, but it’s open 24/7 and sure beats Del Taco.

Philippe the Original
L: 1001 N. Alameda Street
T: (213) 628-3781
W: Since 1908, this Downtown LA staple has been serving up its legendary dish, the warm and savory “French Dip Sandwich.” Any type of meat you like: beef, pork, lamb, or turkey, they will make it with perfection. Insiders tip: Ask for your sandwich double-dipped.

The Palm

L:  1100 South Flower
T:  (213) 763-4600
W: Great steaks, lobster, and creamed spinach. Try it with lemonade or red wine.

L:  923 East Second Street, #109
T:  (213) 687-7178
W: Very expensive, but its worth it if you can swing it.

Roy's Restaurant
L:  800 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 488-4994
W: Tasty Hawaiian fusion cuisine just up the street on Figueroa.

Sushi Gen
L:  422 East 2nd Street
T:  (213) 617-0552
W: Great Sushi downtown. Central Avenue is the cross street.

Water Grill
L:  544 South Grand Avenue 
T:  (213) 891-0900
W:  Very nice Seafood restaurant, so make your parents take you there for your Birthday.


L:  801 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 614-7800
W: Italian/American cuisine.

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Downtown Bars & Lounges

Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

The Standard Hotel and rooftop bar Downtown

L:  550 South Flower Street (Take Fig, make a right on 6th and park on the Street)
T:  (213) 892-8080
W: Amazing Downtown views, trendy crowd, and stiff drinks.  Excellent food at an almost reasonable price. Food and Party until 2 a.m.  

Figueroa Hotel
L:  939 Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 627-8971
W: Great Ambiance. Moroccan décor and lots of Trojans on bean bags near the pool.                          

Flower Street Bar
L:  404 S. Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 624
W: Greek invite hotspot.

BonaVista Lounge
L:  34th floor of Bonaventure Hotel, take the red elevator, 404 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 624-1000
W: Nice lounge that ROTATES 360 degrees, providing amazing views.  The lounge is accessible from the 35th and 34th floors of the hotel.  Have drinks on the spinning 34th floor and then rock upstairs to eat steak at LA Prime, before you get dizzy.

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Movie Theatres

University Village 3 Theatres
L:  3323 S Hoover St
T:  (213) 748-6321

Cineplex Odean Century Plaza Cinema
L:  2040 Avenue of The Stars
T:  (310) 553-4291

Highland Theater   
L:  5604 North Figueroa Street
T:  (323) 256-6383

Beverly Cinema
L:  7165 Beverly Blvd
T:  (323) 938-4038

Mann's Chinese Theatre
L:  6801 Hollywood Blvd
T:  (323) 464-6266

Fairfax Cinemas
L:  7907 Beverly Blvd
T:  (323) 655-4010

Beverly Center Theaters Cineplex
L:  8522 Beverly Blvd
T:  (310) 652-7760

Pacific Theaters
L:  120 North Robertson Blvd
T:  (310) 657-8420

Nuart Theatre
L:  11272 Santa Monica Blvd
T:  (310) 478-6379

Pacific Theaters Crest
L:  1262 Westwood Blvd
T:  (310) 474-7866

IMAX Theater  / California Science Center
L:  Exposition Park next to the Coliseum
T:  (213) 744-2014
W: Call for tickets and show times.  Bring your student ID for a discount. 

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Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

(The following reviews are paraphrased from:

Ahmanson Theatre
L:  135 North Grand Ave.
T:  (213) 972-7211
W: Part of the Los Angeles Center Theatre Group, along with the Mark Taper Forum, the Ahmanson Theatre is a 2,000-seat marble complex in downtown Los Angeles that shows the big-bucks productions like the Phantom of the Opera and more.

Geffen Playhouse
L:  10886 Le Conte Ave.
T:  (310) 208-5454
W: Palm trees and a Mediterranean feel characterize Los Angeles' Geffen Playhouse, a Los Angeles theatre (affiliated with the University of California at Los Angeles) where actors like Brendan Fraser and Annette Bening flex their stage muscles and new productions aim to leave audiences "breathless."

Mann's Chinese Theatre
L:  6925 Hollywood Blvd
T:  (323) 464-8111
W: This famous Los Angeles theatre, opened over seventy years ago in 1927, is one of Los Angeles ' most famous theatres, especially for the impressions-in-concrete left by Hollywood 's brightest stars out front.  Marilyn Monroe dotted the "i" in her name with a rhinestone, which, of course, did not stand the test of a tourist's zeal while Whoopi Goldberg shed a dread for immortality. Aside from all the Hollywood history, Grauman's shows first-run movies.  

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Live Entertainment

Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

Staples Center
L:  1111 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 742-7300
W: An amazing venue to see concerts and sporting events. It’s only a 3 minute drive from campus.  The Lakers, Clippers, Kings, and Sparks play here.

Hollywood Bowl
L:  2301 North Highland Avenue
T:  (323) 850-2000
W: This grandmother of all Southland outdoor venues, set in a natural amphitheater in the Cahuenga Pass, has a seating capacity of almost 18,000.  It's been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since 1922, and in 1991 a resident ensemble, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, was assembled.  In addition to ten weeks of L.A. Phil programs this year--which focus mostly on warhorse crowd-pleasers with a smattering of more intriguing repertoire--the Bowl is also presenting a jazz series, several music and film programs, a world-music series, and two dozen Hollywood Bowl Orchestra weekend pops concerts.

Santa Monica Pier
L:  Santa Monica Pier, Ocean at Colorado Boulevard
T:  (310) 458-8900
W: Best on Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 p.m.  If you savor surf and sand with your summer sounds, the weekly Twilight Dance Series is a good bet.  These concerts, which run from July 1 to September 2, favor good-time performers in a range of genres, from world-music styles such as reggae, zydeco, Cajun, Afro-Cuban and Latin to big band, blues, pop and occasional rock acts.  Even Jose Feliciano has been known to perform here.  You can also ride the carousel, or partake of more daring experiences such as the Pacific Park Ferris wheel and roller coaster.

The Greek Theatre

L:  2700 North Vermont Avenue
T:  (323) 665-1927
W: In Griffith Park, molded into a canyon, the open-air Greek Theatre shows live music under the stars and against a backdrop of desert-green trees.  Performance art means music at this Los Angles theatre.

Kodak Theatre
L:  6801 Hollywood Blvd.
T:  (323) 308-6363
W: The new home of the Academy Awards, Hollywood 's modern and technologically-advanced Kodak Theatre shows large-scale ballet, dance, and musical productions, including the Full Monty and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Mark Taper Forum
L:  135 North Grand Ave.
T:  (213) 972-7211
W: A small theatre located in the Performing Arts Center in downtown Los Angeles, the Mark Taper Forum has a community-conscience, working to involve youth, and funding programs for African-American, Asian-American and Latino playwrights. A distinguished Los Angeles theatre, two of the Mark Taper's productions have received Pulitzer Prizes for Drama, an honor historical reserved for New York theatre.

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Information Key :  L: Location
  T: Telephone Number
  H:  Hours of operation
  W: What’s up; the low down on bars, restaurants, clubs, museums.

Getty Center
L:  1200 Getty Center Drive
T:  (310) 440-7300
W: Perched high above the Sepulveda Pass as an unofficial northwest gateway into the city, this Los Angeles museum received most of its early publicity because of Richard Meier's stone and glass design.  Ironically, from below, the Center actually looks more like a hospital or convention center than a world-class art museum.  But it's about the art, silly, and once in the womb of this creative mothership, the peaceful grounds, airy exhibition spaces, and extensive collection all makes for a breathtaking SoCal afternoon.

Museum of Tolerance
L:  9786 West Pico Blvd
T:  (310) 553-9036
W: The Simon Wiesenthal Center sponsors this high tech, hands-on experiential L.A museum that has a dual purpose: to focus on the dynamics of racism and prejudice in America and to continue to shed light on the history of the Holocaust.  Along the way, visitors encounter moving, creative exhibits that force them to reflect on their own humanity.  With more than 100,000 children visiting every year, its mission is surely making a difference. A truly unique experience.

California Science Center
L:  700 State Drive
T:  (323) 724-3623
W: Part of a larger Los Angeles museum complex near the USC campus in Exposition Park, the CSC is 245,000-square-feet of interactive fun for the whole family.  The first thing that catches the eye is the spellbinding 50-foot "Hypar" kinetic sculpture in the main lobby.  Daredevils in the clan can take a wobbly high-wire bicycle ride--it's like pedaling E.T. home after a night of partying with Robert Downey Jr.  There is a chick hatchery and Tess, a 50-foot replica of the human body and its inner workings.  If your brain starts to short-circuit, get lost in a screening at the IMAX theater, which has spellbinding giant-screen films on everything from monkeying around in Africa with Jane Goodall to a 2001 space-walking odyssey with NASA's finest.

Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

L:  1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino
T:  (626) 405-2141
W: Tucked away in the Pasadena , this pristine oasis is a mystery to most Angelenos.  The library and art collections at this Los Angeles museum are featured acts to be sure, but the gardens are the real star. Afternoon tea in the lush foliage is as nice an afternoon as can be found in L.A. This is where the Angels of the city come to frolic.

L.A. County George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits

L:  5801 Wilshire Boulevard
T:  (323) 857-6311
W: You will be transfixed by the stuffed, saber-tooth tiger whose flesh magically appears over its skeleton and mesmerized by the scientists in the glass-encased Fossil Laboratory, as they sift through recently excavated debris--one of the most unique living exhibits found anywhere.  And, of course, I cannot get enough of the tar pits themselves: gooey, bubbling, pools of black ooze which after capturing a plethora of 40,000 year-old ancient mammals and birds, now provides us clues into the past.  Not DORKY!!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
L:  5905 Wilshire Blvd
T:  (323) 857-6000
W: A defeat of a recent bond measure unfortunately scrapped an ambitious plan to completely renovate this deserving L.A. museum.  Even though most Angelenos bash (or simply ignore) Los Angeles ' primary art museum, the rest of the globe continues to consider it fit enough to send its world-class art exhibits.  Added features at LACMA include free Friday night jazz concerts in the courtyard and Friday and Saturday night screenings in a great classic-film series.

Museum of Jurassic Technology
L:  9341 Venice Boulevard
T:  (310) 836-6131
W: This obscure LA attraction is to museums what the Blue Man Group is to theater. It is the offspring of a collision between science and the ridiculous, and its unusual, offbeat exhibits are nothing if not unique.  What other museum features exhibits on the Stink Ant of the Cameroon and Selected Collections from Los Angeles Area Mobile Homes and Trailer Parks?

Museum of Contemporary Art
L:  250 South Grand Avenue
T:  (213) 626-6222
W: Even though most locals probably have no idea this oasis of modern art exists in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, it is a major force in contemporary art in this country.  Case in point: In the summer of 2002, the first major Andy Warhol exhibit in more than a decade made MOCA its only North American stop. The museum's permanent collection, covering work after 1940, is nothing to scoff at, with major pieces by de Kooning, Hockney, Lichtenstein, Pollock, and Rauschenberg.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
L:  900 Exposition Blvd
T:  (213) 763-DINO (3466)
W: Okay, so the faded and dusty stuffed beasts, fowl, and varmints in this Los Angeles Museum 's distressed dioramas should be a clue that it has seen better days. There is a kitschy quirkiness, however, to this largely ignored part of Exposition Park. Don't miss the Megamouth shark encased in glass in one of the lobbies that was captured off the coast decades ago...And you won't miss Sue - the largest T-Rex ever found towers over visitors.

Norton Simon Museum of Art
L:  411 West Colorado Blvd (Pasadena)
T:  (626) 449-6840
W: Norton Simon was one rich dude.  We know this because the Botticellis, Rembrandts, Van Goghs and Matisses we all have in our houses are on calendars, in cheap frames, and on cards in our Masterpiece board game, Mr. Simon's are originals. Throw in 2,000 years of Asian sculpture and this guy was to art collectors what Basquiat was to taggers.  A 1999 Frank Gehry renovation has made this Los Angeles museum even more accessible.

Peterson Automotive Museum
L:  6060 Wilshire Blvd
T:  (323) 930-CARS (2277)
W: Honk, if you love this Los Angeles museum.  This popular attraction features the best things found on four wheels, from the Caped Crusader's Batmobile to Austin Powers' "Shaguar."  Its SoCal history of the automobile is groovy, baby, offering the lowdown on everything from lowriders to high-end luxury rides.
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The Standard Hotel and rooftop bar Downtown
L:  550 South Flower Street (Take Fig, make a right on 6th and park on the Street)
T:  (213) 892-8080
W: Amazing Downtown views, trendy crowd, and stiff drinks.   Excellent food at an almost reasonable price. Open until 2 a.m.  Not really your parents type of hotel unless they are really hip. 

Checkers Downtown
(Restaurant & Hotel)
L:  535 S Grand Avenue
T:  (213) 891-0519
W: Very classy Downtown Hotel.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel
L:  506 South Grand Avenue
T:  (213) 624-1011
W: Classy hotel that your parents will love.

Figueroa Hotel
L:  939 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 627-8971
W: Great place to have your parents stay, so that you can hangout there.

Radisson Hotel
L:  3540 South Figueroa  
T:  (213) 748-4141
W: Awesome location, but it is mostly a dorm for Freshmen.

Holiday Inn
L:  750 Garland Ave @ 8th Street
T:  (213) 628-9900
W: Standard hotel room relatively close to USC.

The New Otani Hotel & Garden

L:  120 South Los Angeles Street
T:  (213) 629-1200
W: Grand Entrance, fairly close to SC, open air bar.

Omni Hotels
L:  251 South Olive Street
T:  (213) 617-3300
W: Nice hotel near the heart of downtown.

Westin Bonaventure
L:  404 South Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 624-1000
W: Nice hotel with lots of rooms.

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USC Sporting Events Website


L:  Commons (on the Trousdale / fountain side)
T:  Call 740-GOSC

Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result
08/30/08 at Virginia TV Charlottesville, VA 3:30 p.m. ET
09/13/08 vs. Ohio State TV L.A. Coliseum 5:00 p.m. PT
09/25/08 at Oregon State * TV Corvallis, OR 6:00 p.m. PT
10/04/08 vs. Oregon * TV L.A. Coliseum 5:00 p.m. PT
10/11/08 vs. Arizona State * L.A. Coliseum TBA
10/18/08 at Washington State * TV Pullman, WA 12:30 p.m. PT
10/25/08 at Arizona TV Tucson, AZ 7:15 p.m. PT
11/01/08 vs. Washington * L.A. Coliseum TBA
11/08/08 vs. California * TV L.A. Coliseum 5:00 p.m. PT
11/15/08 at Stanford * TV Stanford, CA 4:00 p.m. PT
11/29/08 vs. Notre Dame TV L.A. Coliseum 5:00 p.m. PT
12/06/08 at UCLA * TV Rose Bowl 1:30 p.m. PT

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Los Angeles Day Spas

Amadeus Spa and Salon
L:  189 The Grove Drive South 10
T:  (626) 578-3404
W: This Los Angeles day spa has some of the world's best preventative beauty treatments.

The Body Clinic
L:  8820 S Sepulveda Blvd.
T:  (310) 568-0303
W: A top-notch day spa with a friendly staff and heavenly spa treatments.

Le Petit Retreat Spa
L:  331 N Larchmont Blvd
T:  (323) 466-1028
W: Duck into this cozy boutique day spa for some of the best massages and facials in L.A.

Enessa Wellness Spa
L:  8012 1/2 Melrose Ave
T:  (323) 655-5950
W: A bright sunny Los Angeles day spa that boasts a Hollywood A-list clientele and all-natural products.

L:  132 South Robertson Blvd
T:  (310) 276-9670
W: This hot new LA day spa offers body treatments and expert beauty advice.

Skin Haven
L:  Crescent Heights @ Beverly Blvd
T:  (323) 782-5500
W: Results-oriented skin care in a private bungalow, by appointment only.

Spa-Addicts (Great Deals on Day Spa Treatment)

Equinox Fitness Club & Spa - Century City (located in the Hyatt Regence Century Plaza)

L:  2025 Avenue of the Stars
T:  (310) 228-1234
W: The Spa at Equinox, hailed as "a temple of well being", will offer all the premium facilities and services our guests expect.

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Summer Events
Throughout the summer, many local museums present concerts during extended evening hours and on weekends.

Skirball Cultural Center
L: 2701 North Sepulveda
T: (310) 440-4500
W: Sunset Concerts.

Museum of Contemporary Art
L: 250 South Grand Ave.
T: (213) 633-5334
W: Just an amazing experience.
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Storage, Moving & Hardware


Downtown Mini Warehouse
L: 1050 W. Washington Bl., Los Angeles (Union and Washington Bl, close to Fwy 10)T: (213) 747-6600
W: Office hours Monday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

Public Storage Company
L:  1702 South San Pedro Street
T:  (888) 716-1905
W: Full Service Pick-up and delivery of your stuff.

L:  1600 South Western Avenue  @ Venice, Los Angeles
T:  (213) 731-3171
W: Open 7 days for the rental of Trucks, Trailers, Hitches, Boxes, Propane, Carpet cleaners.

Home Depot
L:  1675 Wilshire Blvd @ Union
T:  (213) 273-8464
W: For some heavy duty apartment upgrades.

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Shipping, Packaging & Copying
L:  3333 South Grand Avenue
T:  (800) GO-FedEx 
W:  West coast drop offs until 8pm Monday – Friday, but by 6 p.m. if shipping to East Coast.


L:  2202 Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 749-1249
W: Another choice for your shipping needs.

L:  2723 Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 747-8341
W: The neighborhood's finest come out of the woodwork for a little photocopying fun.

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School & Office Supplies
Staples Office / Academic Supplies

L:  1701 Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 746-6330
W: Geared toward school supplies.

Office Depot
L:  2020 Figueroa Street
T:  (213) 741-0576
W: All the school supplies you could ever need and closer to campus than Staples.

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Post Office
Dockweiler Bureau
L:  3585 South Vermont Avenue
T:  (323) 731-0278
W: Going postal for this place.

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Shopping Centers
Beverly Center............................................(La Cinenega & 3rd)
The Grove & Farmer’s Market ....................(3rd & Fairfax)
Century City Mall........................................(Santa Monica near Wilshire)
Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade .........(3 blocks from the Ocean on 3rd)

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Religious Institutions

Check USC's complete listing for area churches and religious institutions

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Cal Mart
L:  In the 30th street shopping center at Figueroa
T:  n/a
W: It’s like a 7/11.  Good for the vehicular-challenged.  They have condoms and six packs, which pretty much covers it all these days.

32nd Street Market
L:  University Village 
T:  n/a
W: Only for the brave and the crazy.  They have dogs running around in the aisles, literally.

L:  2600 South Vermont Ave (on the corner of Adams and Vermont)
T:  (213) 732-3863
W: Put the embarrassing items at the bottom of your cart, you’re sure to run into  someone you know.

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