Moving into your Apartment:

Before you move in, there are a few things you will need to take care of.  Please read this information very carefully to make sure your move-in goes as smoothly as possible.  Rent is due on the 1st of every month.  Please make checks payable to "Conquest Housing" and mail them to:  9150 Florence Avenue, Leasing Office,  Downey, CA 90240.  Please make sure to specify the Apartment number in the memo section of the check.

Utility hook-up:
You are responsible for connecting your electricity, cable, internet, and phone service.
Call the utility companies
one week before your move-in date to ensure you will have everything on when you arrive.  There is no gas service needed at the Kensington Apartments as all of the kitchens are furnished with electric stoves.


Southern California Edison.................(800) 655-4555 MANDATORY


Verizon.................................................(800) 483-4000 OPTIONAL

Time Warner........................................(888) 892-2253 OPTIONAL


Verizon.................................................(800) 483-4000 OPTIONAL

You do not need to be present to have your electricity hooked up.  You will need to be present to have your cable, internet, and phone service activated.

You will need to know your apartment number and address before you call the utility companies.

Your Lease:

You should have received a copy of your lease/rental agreement when you signed your lease.  If you do not have a copy, please contact our office and we can provide you with a copy of your lease. 
Click here for a sample lease.  Please read it carefully and understand all aspects of your contract. If you have any questions or concerns you may stop by the office, email us, or call us.

Remember, if you share the apartment with one or more roommates (i.e. resident(s) on the lease), you are jointly liable for the entire amount of the rent and any damages incurred.

When making payments for rent, please specify the apartment number on your check. 

Rent for each month is due in advance, on or before the first of the month.  Failure to pay by 5 PM on the 4th (regardless of what day the 4th falls on) will result in a late charge as specified in your lease agreement. The late charge policy applies to every resident,
no exceptions. Rent may be paid at the office during business hours, or in the rent drop slot outside the office for after hours drop off.  You can also mail to 9150 Florence Avenue, Leasing Office, Downey, CA 90240  Keep in mind that if you mail it, it must be received by the 4th (postmark on the envelope is irrelevant).

If you want to add an additional roommate or replace a current resident, please notify us of your intent. The maximum number of occupants cannot exceed the specified number on the lease at any time. The prospective resident has to fill out an application to be approved by management. Upon approval, a new contract will be drawn.

The meaning of lease: Under this type of contract, you occupy the premises for a fixed amount of time. You are responsible for all rent payments through the lease term, even if you move out before the lease expires. During the lease term, your rent cannot be increased, nor can other terms of your tenancy be changed. However, upon the termination of your tenancy a new contract with different sets of conditions may be drawn.

The security deposit is used for cleaning and damages ONLY after you move out. The security deposit may not apply toward any part of your last month's rent. See "Moving Out" section below for more information.

In the event you move out earlier than your roommate(s), Management is not legally bound to return your part of the security deposit until the leased premises has been completely vacated by all residents. Arrangements can be made at the management's discretion.

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Moving Out:

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Email us if you would like to schedule a pre-move out inspection 2 weeks before you move out.  The inspection will identify damage, if any, which will result in security deposit deductions.  This will give you a chance to fix the damage to avoid possible charges.  You can email us at

2.  Call the utility companies to discontinue service as of the last day you will be in the apartment and have the bills taken out of your name. Leave them a forwarding address to send the closing bill. If you do not cancel the service, you will continue to be billed after you're gone and you will run the risk of them reporting delinquency to the credit bureaus.


Southern California Edison..................(800) 655-4555 MANDATORY


Verizon.................................................(800) 483-4000 OPTIONAL

Time Warner........................................(888) 892-2253 OPTIONAL


Verizon.................................................(800) 483-4000 OPTIONAL

3. You are responsible for payment of rent until we receive your keys, even if it is after your lease ends.  For instance, if your
lease ends July 31st, you still need to pay a full month of July rent by July 1st.  Don't forget: You are responsible for rent until the day that you return your keys to the office beyond July 31st.  This means that if you return your keys on August 5th, we will prorate your rent and charge you for the extra days.  Once everyone in your apartment has moved out and returned their keys, we'll do a walk through of your apartment to assess the damages.  Within 21 days of receiving all the keys, we'll send the security deposit back, less the cost of damages and outstanding charges.  *The security deposit check will be mailed via regular USPS mail to the permanent address written on your application.  If you would like the check to be sent to a different address, please send an email to The check will be made payable to all residents on the lease.

FYI: Your security deposit cannot be used for the last month's rent. You will be charged a late fee as usual if your last month's rent is not paid on time.

Please call the office if you can't remember when your lease expires or to pick up a copy of your lease.

Lost your keys? Below is the fee schedule for lost keys and gate clickers:

$50 - if all keys are lost (entire set)

$20 - if just 1 key is missing (gate, apartment, mail etc.)

$50 - if parking gate clicker is lost

$20 - if laundry card is lost

The above amounts w
ill be deducted from your security deposit.

5. Have your mail forwarded to your new address at least 2 weeks before you leave. We will not forward it for you.

Click Here to Officially Change Your Address with the US Postal Service

6. What you need to do in your apartment before you leave:

You will need to have your carpets cleaned and get your apartments professionally cleaned.  Don't forget to clean the inside and outside of your appliances as well.  This includes stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave in the kitchen.  In the bathroom, you must clean the sink, bathtub/shower, floor, and toilet.  All vertical blinds must be cleaned (which also means the interior of the window).  If your wall is damaged and you do not repair it, you will be charged.

If you don't get it done yourself, you can expect a cleaning fee taken out of your deposit.  Assuming there is no damage, and we only have to clean and do a bit of paint touch up, it  will cost ON AVERAGE (sometimes more, sometimes less) a total of $350 for a three bedroom apartment, $280 for a two bedroom apartment, and $200 for a one bedroom apartment.
If you leave any trash in your apartment, it will cost you a MINIMUM of $100 out of your security deposit.  

DO NOT LEAVE ANY FURNITURE BY THE DUMPSTERS.  There is a $100 charge per item left.

Be sure to remove your bicycles from the building.  All abandoned bikes will be discarded.
Leave all your lights off (if the electricity is s
till on).

What you need to bring to us when you move out:

Keys (apartment, security gate, mailbox)
Parking gate clicker
Laundry card

Place the keys and cards in an envelope. Write the following info on the front of the envelope:
Your name
The date
Apartment number

Seal the envelope, and bring it to the office during office hours. Please return your keys as soon as you move out. If you hang on to them, you risk losing them.

Remember, if your keys are returned
after your lease end day, you will be responsible for rent for the extra days.  So, if your lease ends July 31st, you must return your keys by 5:00 p.m. on July 31st.

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If you require maintenance service, Please contact us right away.  We are here to help.  

Please call the office with any maintenance requests (562) 861-0414 or email us at  Either speak with someone in the office or leave a message on the voicemail.  Be sure to leave the following information when you call or email:

Your name
Your apartment number
The nature of the problem (don't forget to tell us which room it's in)
Tell us if it is OK if we come in when you are not home.

If it is an extreme emergency, and it is after office hours, please call the office and follow the directions to be connected to an on-call manager.

Please do not stop our Maintenance technicians in the hall to tell them about a problem.  To better serve you, the office can schedule a technician who can address your needs in a timely manner.

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Legal Issues:

Everything you ever wanted to know about your rights as a resident (and our rights as landlords).  Check it out at the
California Residents Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities.

Have Questions about noise complaints or other issues?  Check the Downey Police Department's website

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